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It's A Three Master Number Day! Numerical Vibrations for November 22, 2012


It doesn’t happen often, but today all three master numbers come together to ask us what we have learned? How will we apply it in the future? And what action will we begin TODAY to accomplish it? (No, it won't do it for us). In the United States, it’s a major holiday of Thanksgiving. Celebrated in the manner of our 17th century ancestors’ memories it can be most memorable, but unfortunately, the majority of the country will be gearing up for the typical 2,200 calorie meal and staying awake for Black Friday tomorrow.

That aside, look at the numbers above. 11 is the master visionary (dream big-desiring the best for your life and those around you). 22 is the master teacher (teaching ourselves and others from wisdom). 33 is the master healer (does not only apply to medicinal purposes, but to any gift or ability used for the good of others).  To each person, it is time to re-examine their lives, goals, dreams, desires, and where they wish to take it. Take today to reassess your plans and more than anything else, carry them out. Don’t place them on a back burner for “someday” because “someday” rarely occurs. Begin today to follow your desired path by taking a step in ACTION

A child born today will have much expected of their lives. Truly a spirit who has chosen a most challenging combination of numbers, life will not be the easiest, but conquered, what a formidable individual they will be!

I’m going into a 4 personal year next year reviewing my sense of security, business-sense, study, what I do for a living, where I want to live…