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My Brain is Fried! Numerical Vibrations for November 16, 2012

Ooooo! We're all sitting in our brains today so thinking could get a bit carried away. If over-analyzing or thinking begins to send you to burnout, take a walk in nature - even if the weather isn't that great. Throw on a  coat and take a short walk in outside (this is how the 7s and 5s relax). If the weather is too much, bring something of nature inside. The 5 will bring the 7 out of it's shell a bit more today, so enjoy the extra conversation and social interaction. And the 7 will help the 5 use a little more logic in decision making. All in all, this is a natural vibration with some really good give and take, particularly with those who have 7 or 5 Life Paths. Enjoy this one! There's something in it for everyone!
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