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My Home Is My Castle! Numerical Vibrations for November 15, 2012

What more can we say when 6 and 4 come together? Family + Home = My Castle. Perhaps this combo is not a positive for you. This is a day to begin turning it around. If you have family members, it's time to take everyone to dinner, cook a special dinner, but HAVE a family dinner. Bring everyone together and engage them in conversation. No arguing allowed. Good vibration for a family night. If you do not have biological family, you can utilize friends you feel are like family. If creating community/family is in your plans, don't concentrate on what you do not have. Sit and make a vision board with what your idea of family is and begin today to create the seeds of what you desire. Pin it up in a special place in your home. Take care of your need for togetherness!
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