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Where Did That Voice Come From? Numerical Vibrations for November 18, 2012

Listen to the voices today. Yes, they may be your Guides, or a thought that pops into your head. The 9 and 7, normally a challenging aspect, share one thing in common - spirituality. 7 is the Spiritual Seeker and 9 is the Old Soul. Together, we have the ability to dig into our spirituality/philosophy of life and answer those deep questions we ask. You may not answer them all, but definitely enlightenment can be attained when it comes to a few concerns. Where Am I Going? Why Am I Here? These are not unusual questions when the 7 appears, but it'll be up to you to take the time to listen. Write down what you hear or feel because sometimes we need more clarification or have to wait a little while for the answer to manifest itself. It's coming!
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