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2013 - Earth! Cleaning Up Your 2012 Act!

2013 is almost upon us and the planet is about to leave the roller-coaster 5 vibration behind, flipping over to begin a personal 6 vibration. We will all have our own personal numerical vibration to contend with, but there is also a trickle down effect from the planet's vibration. Also, those who are going to experience a personal 6 vibration with the planet will feel it that much more! How do you discover what your personal year will be? Do the following:

Take the month of your birth and turn it into a number (January is 1, February is 2, March is 3, all the way to December, which is 12). Add to that the day of your birth (a number between 1 and 31). Add to that the year 2013. So if your birthday was December 15th, it would look like:

1+2+1+5+2+0+1+3 = 15
Reduce that further by adding 15 to itself = 1+5 = 6
This person is going into a 6 personal year

What does this mean for the planet? The 6 year is about family (those we consider family and all the dynamics surrounding family), community, nurturing, and domestic pursuits. On the downside, it can also include giving up and self-sacrificing. We'll be looking more at our home and how to take care of the loved ones around us.  Hopefully, we'll look at ourselves as well in the nurturing process and make decisions that point us in that direction. 

2012 was a typical 5 year with all the upheaval that could be published in the news feeds. Even at this typing, there are those who believe it's not over and we will not wake up Friday morning. But I plan on being here - perhaps you do too. 2013 will require the nations of the Earth to "clean up" their act and what they created in 2012. I don't expect utopia in all corners of the Earth by October, 2013, but they will have to exam the damage experienced and with the eyes of a nurturing parent, begin turning around that which didn't work. In that regard, 2013 could feel a bit like 2012 as they take the steps necessary to amend their ways. Our sense of community will become stronger, if we take ACTION. Interacting one on one will become more important than acting in solitude without concern of who is affected by our ripple effect. "Bigger is better" will take a back seat and we'll see situations clearer, instead of jumping at the sparkling bobble. Expect non-profit organizations, charities, and Pay It Forward behavior to take a spike upwards as caring for our fellow man comes to the forefront. 

And how will this effect us personally if we are coming out of a 5 personal year? If 2012 was a personal 5 year for you, how did it work for you? What decisions did you make that negatively affected your life? 2013 may feel topsy-turvy for you as well, until you clean up what you created. How did your actions affect others? You may be required to do some damage control which will not be an overnight assignment. Did you call it quits in a relationship? 2013 may require you to go through a divorce and begin again. (Yes, divorce is a family dynamic). Did you throw out a job? 6 will have you starting over with another position, but I'm not worried  for you - 6 is a magnet of people and money (not a ton of money, but you'll have what you need).

Number 6 can also bring about marriages, divorces, conception of children, death of family members, runaways, togetherness, color, design, remodeling, domesticity, therapy, family reunions, reconciling of family, estrangement of family, charity, community affairs, and the list goes on. What we must remember, there is no vibration or divination art that is going to come into your home, snatch you off the couch, and make you do anything you don't want to do. The Universe can knock on your head all it wants, but our gift of free will ultimately decides if we move forward in life or sit and "veg" for a lifetime.

6 - It's a great vibration! 

11 days left until 2013! What will be the focus of your new Personal Numerology Year? Find out today!