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Be Daring! Your Numerology Vibrations for Christmas Eve, 2012


When it comes to choosing a day for Christmas, the powers-that-be ions ago would have done far better choosing the 24th instead of the 25th. However, in the case of the vibrations of 2012, it's not really going to matter. Let's take a peek at the 24th. It's a 6 day which is excellent for family/friends. It's the community feeling that pulls us all together. The 9 is also family and the want to heal old wounds and solidify us together. It's what brings out the counselor is all of us. But 5 says, well................we might endure a few family dynamics that are not really pleasant. We may even get involved in a bit of drama that we don't want. Remember, we choose. Though I don't condone non-communication, if someone in this festive season begins the drama, they can't continue arguing if everyone grows silent with their responses and moves towards the kitchen for a fresh pot of coffee. Negativity is only fueled by fire (more negativity). On the upside, people may also be inspired to bring a little spontaneity to the celebrations! Be daring! Do something absolutely off the wall for your typical holiday ritual. Enjoy the adventure!

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