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Calm, Cool, & Collected. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 20, 2012


A perfect balance of leadership and following, mediation, negotiations, togetherness, and solitude. Not always appearing calm, cool, and collected, this will be a day to grab the organizer and pencil in a little time for each. Emotions could run a bit higher today, and if it leans towards love, nothing but good can come from it. If it turns towards anxiety or depression, it may overshadow a normally good day. In those instances, turn to Sacred Space and give yourself a little time and attention: special tea in a special cup, a treat you normally don’t have on a special plate, or read a few chapters from a special book.  Do not wait for another to provide the attention you need.

12 days left until 2013! What will be the focus of your new Personal Numerology Year? Find out today!