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Choose Wisely! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 22, 2012


And we are STILL talking! Yesterday we had the 11 to inspire us but on the "day after", we now teach what we know. No, we don't have to be sitting in a University, but with the attitude of inspiring others to be the best that they can be (including ourselves), what are you going to share if someone asks you for your advice? Choose your words wisely. Are they edifying them and yourself? Are they words to live by or dragging everyone down the path of negativity? We all have negative moments - everyone of us. We all have times we'd like to bang our heads on the wall (and sometimes we do). But they are moments in life and WE choose whether we want them to be the sum of our lives. It's a day of giving, re-evaluating, and uplifting. Choose wisely...

10 days left until 2013! What will be the focus of your new Personal Numerology Year? Find out today!