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Customer Appreciation Day! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 27, 2012


We're given another day to have a "Customer Appreciation Day!" Yes - this is a great vibration for having fun with your employees, employers, customers, clients, you name it. Take cookies, coffee, tea, (whatever sounds fun) to the office and SHARE! Bring some good stories into the mix. Listen. Yes, the 9 is a counseling/therapy vibration as well and that doesn't mean you're doing all the talking; it means you're listening as well. Though not necessarily the vibration of laughter and playfulness, the 3 can bring some of that to the combo. Do something fun like give away a gift through a contest. Make it a FUN though :) as the 8 will only think of a hard working contest that isn't fun at all! ("The first employee to sell 1 million....). It's almost the end of 2012 - Enjoy this day with your co-workers!

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