If You Believe You Can’t….

We’ve all read the phrase “If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’ll be right”. What we choose to believe will dictate how our days/months/year unfolds because our thoughts become our reality.

Want to know what you’ve been thinking? Look at your life.

As I’m going through my email and social networking posts today, why do we automatically jump on “The Sky is Falling” predictions? I had one actually note that we should not do anything for the next three days –  no decisions, no work, no [fill in the blank]. Surely, you jest! I don’t know too many folks who can just stop thinking and/or living for three days.

For the New Year, let’s reconsider something. If you follow the divination arts, you also must realize that for every negative in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, etc., there is also a positive in the sky, or vibration. What is it? With all those planets and number circulating, find the positive!

Why should the negative be given credence over the positive?

If we constantly grasp onto the negative, we will never accomplish anything in our lifetime. There will always be some planet formation warring in the heavens, and with Numerology, there is always a negative side to those positive numbers as well. We Choose which vibration we wish to gravitate to. Weigh it out and move towards the vibration that serves your highest good. Allow that to be your focus as opposed to chasing the negative because of fear of failing.

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