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Pros & Cons - Which One? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 14, 2012


Here we go again! We’re chopping up the waters and perhaps looking at change for our business or home. If you’re happy with it, you’ll be concentrating on other pursuits (health, study, home repairs), but it you’re not happy, it’ll stand out like a sore thumb. 4 loves to make lists and if you’re at a point where definite change is warranted, what plan do you have in mind? Take a hint from Benjamin Franklin and grab a piece of paper and a pen. Make two columns: Pro and Con. What’s the benefit of changing it (pro)? What’s the benefit of keeping it the same (con)? By the end of your lists, you’ll know which way you should head, even if you don’t like the fact that it’s going to take ACTION and effort. But looking back, you’ll be glad you did.

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