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Universe! Are You Listening?! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 12, 2012


You’re not done yet in regards to setting that plan of yesterday. The 11 appears again, but this time, we’re talking about it. Whether standing in your home alone or sitting with friends at the local coffee shop, begin voicing what you WILL create! Want the Heavens to hear? Try the Most Benevolent prayer and send it out to the Universe. “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to [fill in the blank]. Thank you!” And listen to your words. Be careful what you wish for. Here’s some examples below:

  • “I request a most benevolent outcome to receiving the funds so that I may register and study at the University. Thank you!” (Remember, receiving funds could be getting the jobs to earn those funds)
  • “I request a most benevolent outcome in moving from my present home to [fill in the city/state/county]. Thank you!” 
  • “I request a most benevolent outcome in meeting and starting a relationship with the best partner for me. Thank you!” (That’s if you’re leaving it up to the Universe of what is best for you. If you have requirements, state those as well.)

If you would like to know more about requesting benevolent outcomes, I suggest Tom T. Moore’s books found at You can read a sample chapter on this website.

20 days left until 2013! What will be the focus of your new Personal Numerology Year? Find out today!