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What Will You Leave Behind? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 28, 2012


The beginning; the end. Alpha and Omega. Though not a natural vibration to each other, I particularly like the 1/9 combo and we get one more opportunity this year for grasping onto what we need and/or want. It allows us to look at the beginning and end of all numbers with a vibration that includes a bit of every numerical trait. It is also a time of looking at what we wish to leave behind (truly leave behind) from 2012 and take into 2013 with us! Pull to yourself what you need today and share what is asked of you. Try not to totally lose yourself in the isolation of the 1, though it is perfectly acceptable to schedule time for yourself. Extend words of healing where appropriate (9). 

4 days left until 2013! What will be the focus of your new Personal Numerology Year? Find out today!