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Create a New Life Story! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 31, 2013

The Master Builder at your finest! A canvas of your life lies before you - what will you paint?

Security and stability? Education? Business? Relationships? It's all up for grabs today in the creation of your story. What will yours be?

4 talks about all the topics I just stated above. 11 is the master visionary or builder. Put them together and it's time to write your new story as if it is currently happening. Did you know that? Visualize your life as if it is currently happening. "Someday I'll have..." will only bring you more "someday", more waiting.


Write down your NEW story (leave the baggage behind)
Begin visualizing how it feels
Thank the Universe for this new life
Thank the Universe for the life you've had that led you to this place regardless of the experiences
Apply for a job
Start a savings account even if it's the minimum
Purchase a needed itemof value for your home (value does not mean expensive; it's an item of good u…

My Way Or The Highway! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 30, 2013

One last time this month, we’re sinking or swimming with our all important message.  What is yours? What do you wish to get across?
If it’s aimed at another person, we may have to review just how it’s coming out of our mouths. 3 wants to really talk and they’re good at it! But 1 can really make us blast it out there with a “my way or the highway” attitude.
1 doesn’t take any prisoners and it’s not settling for anything but victory.  This is not the combination for negotiations unless you have a lot of self-control. So rethink who you’re talking to today. If you’re in sales, go after them but don’t brow-beat someone into purchasing.
Today: Enjoy telling stories at the office that are light-heartedRefrain from gossip at all costsLaughPlayFind an element of fun in all you doVisit with friends in person, by email, or over the phonePerfect a craft or hobby that you enjoyPaintPlay musicTake photographs
It can be a most creative and productive time as long as you keep a reign on the 1 and…

FEEL The Dream! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 29, 2013

Visions, and psychic knowledge are available to us all today. The wisdom of the past will team with the Master Visionary today to bring out those answers that are tucked away within you. Trust what you hear and see
Do you need ritual to accomplish this? Make up your own. The Divine is pleased with those that are from the heart and pleasing in appearance (no matter how simple). If you wish to use color, use color. If you wish to create a beautiful sound, do so. If you subscribe to the full moon, we are still within the three day grace period.
Envision and feel it as if it is happening NOW. Thank the Universe for creating it for you. (Remember the lesson of the Native American who "feels" rain to create it as opposed to praying for rain). 
Take 5 minutes to envision and feel the dreamLook within for the answer to that all important question you've hadMeditate (can be done while walking, washing dishes, etc.)ListenSpend a moment in absolute quiet and connect with…

Versace? Vera Wang? Vivaldi? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 26, 2013

"One thing I can tell you is
You got to be free
Come together, right now
Over me." (Lennon-McCartney, 1969)

Normally when I see 8/6 together, my first thought is business and taking care of one's customers. But there's another side to both the 8 and 6 that can be self-sacrificing. 

The 6 is the family person who will give up their hopes and dreams for the "good of the family." It doesn't matter if it's miserable; the family was taken care of. They will hide their misery within themselves and go into old age with regret.

The 8 will do the same thing for the sake of honor and responsibility. However, unlike the 6, you'll know about it! And when they get tired of being around those they are responsible for, they will lock themselves away at the office or......with another. However, they tend to always get caught. 

6 is about nurturing. But when we hear that word, we instantly visualize "taking care" of someone else. But nurturing can refer…

My Head Is Going To Explode! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 25, 2013

Buzzzzzzzz! We're really thinking today with two cerebral numbers joining together. Can it be stressful? Yes. 

7 is not only the spiritual seeker, but this is a real analyzer. Researching and detective work are right up their alley. This isn't the social butterfly; this is the wall flower that is sitting and observing everyone in the room. Don't underestimate them; they don't miss a trick.

5 is the party animal and adventurer. They are always welcome at an impromptu party - a bit opposite of the 7. Sounds like the opposite of the 7 instead of natural, doesn't it? But both of them are great conversationalists and problem-solvers with each other.

It's Friday! Today:

Enjoy some real conversation after work with friendsTake on a research project with a partner (genealogy)WriteCreate a "come as you are" dinner partyTravel to visit a historical site or museumWatch DVDs about  history/time travel/historical fictionResearch a topic you've been curious to…

The Master Numbers Prevail - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 22, 2013


22 and 11 - today, the master numbers prevail. It's a 22 day with an 11 Life Path Number. It's going to require the best of us. A baby born today, January 22, 2013, will have much expected of them from the Universe. 

The 22 is the master teacher. We learn; we teach. We choose to surround ourselves with students and seek new teachers. Our focus moves towards those in more need than ourselves. It's the number of selflessness.

The 11 is the master visionary. Along with the visions you may have for yourself, how do you feel inside? Because the feelings you carry within will override your mental focus. They go hand in hand, so it is time to align them. The 11 also wants the highest and best path for those who surround them. Though they will not touch as many lives as the 22, they remind each of us to focus.

Today, allow yourself:

To give or donate a service or item of needConcentrate with feeling on a Most Benevolent Outcome** for yourselfCommune with the Divine on a vision …

Unethical Readers - What To Do

In April of 1993, my husband and I had a joint reading performed in Casper, Wyoming. It would be our last because in August of the same year, Donnie passed away.

Our readings were wonderful, informative, instructive, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Our reader was a lovely woman who was full of love and compassion. I would remember her for years and still do.

In fact, she stayed on my mind and in the year 2006, I contacted her just to let her know what had happened and how Donnie and my reading had fit into our lives. Naturally, I was excited when I saw an email back from her - that is, until I read it.

Like all self-employment businesses, we have our lean times and months of abundance. I don't know if this was a particularly lean time, but she extended her condolences for his passing and then began telling me her story. Donnie had been haunting her. He was even keeping her up at night and not only did she fear him, she was greatly concerned about this. He was frightened for my w…

The Ominous Sound of "Destiny"

Destiny - Can sound ominous, can't it? 

As opposed to sitting in a rocking chair one day wondering what it was all about, we want to know why are we were here in this lifetime? What was the driving force to be born? Did we miss something and what was it?

People may call it a Destiny number or in some groups, a Maturity number. I call it a Destiny number and Maturity is something that occurs around the age of 55. (We'll talk about it later). Destiny is what we are here to accomplish in this lifetime.

For those who follow Astrology, you realize that you are not just the sum of your Sun Sign (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc.). You are a combination of at least 10 different planets and where they were in the heavens at the time of your birth. In Numerology, you are the combination of 8 different numbers all woven together into an unique Numerical Blueprint. It's not just about your Life Path number.

Our Destiny was given to us by the person or people who designed our name for our…

Blah, Blah, Blah...Your Numerology Vibrations for January 21, 2013


What a clever combination! I love this one...within reason.

3 is the number of communication, artistry, sales, laughter, playfulness, and the inner child. We can be like the "kid in the candy shop" and which one do we want first? But today, we're addressing communication and conversations. We all have a message that we want to extend to the world, don't we? 

And then there is that compatible 1 - as long as we don't allow it to slip into the pesky side. The leader is egging 3 on to REALLY say what they mean. This could be good if the conversation remains friendly or assertive.

However, this combination (including the 4 attitude) could push your important message into the aggressive category. We KNOW we're right, you better listen, and follow what I say. We may talk endlessly on the subject. This will not be taken well by your audience.

But with you at the controls and keeping it on the positive side, you can:

Reign in that all important business dealNetwork w…

Reading Tarot Without Panic

The 5 of Swords - Oh noooooooo!
The 3 of Swords - Oh my gosh - I'm going to lose him!
The 7 of Swords - I'm going to lose it all!
The Tower - Arrrrggggghhhhhh!

One evening we're concerned about some upcoming event in our lives. We have no one to talk to so we turn to our Tarot cards, hoping for some inspiration and positive messages.  And what do we get?

Cards that we believe bear bad luck messages, filled with heartache and despair! Or so we feel. On the emotional scale of 1 to 10, we place them at a 35!

This is the reason why we have to look to our cards as tools to be used and not absolutes.

What happens if you get the 3 of Swords depicting three swords pierced through the middle of one's heart? Can you be positive that it's an all out assault on your love life? Have you ever noticed that there isn't a "little disappointed" card? That's right. There isn't a card that says, "Your heart will drop for a moment at the news, but you'll shrug i…

Feel As If Your Life Is Without Purpose?

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is and where your focus should be in attaining it? We all have and for some, it can just about drive you crazy!
Everyone has goals and dreams, whether it was landing that first job, raising a family, or purchasing that first home. But you also know that you are more than just those life events. Spiritually, you know that you came to this lifetime with a mission to fulfill and it’s time!
In the world of Numerology, we all have a Life Path number. But just like Astrology, we are not the sum of that one number or sign. We are many numbers (or signs) woven together to make us unique from every other person with the same number. Our distinctive skills are what sets us apart and sends us down a different path from someone else.
Did you know that whoever named you decided what your destiny would be? That’s right. By filling out your birth certificate, they began the ball rolling that ultimately drives your inner voice. And if you have children, a…

Psychic or Criticism? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 20, 2013


When it's difficult to make conversation, or when we need one of those days "to talk about it", not just any day will do. Vibrations that match our unique numerical blueprint or match the day in general become important in the equation.

2 brings us the ability to use our intuition (trusting our gut feelings) and engage in the art of mediation and negotiations. It's very loving but it's also very emotional. Expect tears. 

9 is the number of the humanitarian who has the ability to be the counselor. Listening is a great attribute with the 9. However, if we allow our ego to take over, we may talk too much and become overly critical.

Walking on the positive side of this combination, here are a few interactions we can accomplish:

Extend love and understanding to those around us, including ourselvesUnderstand our family dynamics more without unreasonable expectationsForgiveBring relationships closer and enjoy those around usUse our increased intuition to make decision…

Is Today Going To Be A Bad Day?

If you want it to be.
I am always concerned when a reader states, “Is today going to be a bad day?”
In any divination or spiritual belief (including one’s Bible), you can always find instances of whether to take the high road or the low road. In Numerology, every number used has a positive side and a negative side. Our gift of free will entitles us to choose which side we wish to sail on.
For example, today we have the 1/8 combination and on the negative side, these two could really rumble!  Both are the numbers of Generals, military, government, law makers, judges, and courts. “It’s my way or the highway, Baby!” And we have two of those vibrations joining forces.
OR, we can walk away and say, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow” (when the numbers of mediation and negotiations thrive). We choose our reactions and when we want to fulfill them.
There is no divination art, spiritual path, or religion that will come into your house, grab you off the couch, and make you do anything you do not want …

Take No Prisoners! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 19, 2013

Wow! If you’ve been looking for a boost in your business/career life, this is the vibration you have been waiting for.
The 1 turns our thoughts towards innovation and inventing new ways. It takes the lead and goes after what it wants. The 8 harnesses that vibration and directs it towards business, health, and the finer things in life (which we’ll need the finances to purchase).
In Numerology, 1 and 8 are considered a neutral vibration to each other because in relationships (whether business or personal), these are two headstrong numbers that can only be successful if giving each other their own space. This can be a “take no prisoners” combo where a person wants it to be their way and arguments can pursue.  But there are positives to this combination! Starting a businessCreating new avenues within an existing businessFinding a new job or making a decision regarding going into a new careerMaking major decisions in life (career or personal)Starting a new health plan, diet, or exerc…

What's Your Destiny? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 18, 2013


9 and 7 are generally challenges to each other because of the social aspect of each other. 9 wants to interact with the masses, while the 7 wants to work in their home office, or walk alone in nature.

9 wants to bring home the homeless, start non-profit organizations, and help heal the pain that others experience. 7 communes with the Divine, collecting more non-visible entities to surround them than those that walk the Earth.
But there is something that the 9 and 7 share! They both relate to Old Wisdom and the seeking of spirituality in their lives. They both lean towards the philosophical and the need to have a Higher Belief System in their lives.

Combined together today, we will see the following vibrations:

Seeking our destiny. We are not the sum of our Life Path Number. We all have a destiny we came into this life to fulfill. What's yours?Choosing to incorporate more personal interaction in our day/lives and less seclusionListening - REALLY listening to our spouses, child…

Make That Vision Board! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 17, 2013

But I don't know what I'd love to do!
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She Works Hard For The Money...

Are you drawn to this location? In Numerology, Dallas has a 4 vibration - education, "home", seeks stability and security, methodical, the home-body, and working hard on business.

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Ready To Head South?

Is this a location that attracts you? In Numerology, San Antonio vibrates with the number 5 - movement, change, spontaneity, excitement, adventure, pioneer, & freedom. Never a dull moment with a 5! So are you ready to move?

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Keep A Lid On It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 16, 2013

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Is An Apology In Order? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 15, 2013

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Should I Leave or Stay? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 13, 2013

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You Never Know! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 12, 2013

It's another 3/1 combo day! We had them last month, and January is offering us the same this year. Wow! Can we have the chat fests today! In fact, we may discover that we're all talking at once because when the 3 of communication teams up with the 1 of leadership, we want to be heard first. Take time to listen as well as sharing stories. Grab onto the fun side of this vibration by having a few friends for coffee, or meet at the local coffee/tea shop. Email, or better yet, call a friend you haven't talked to for awhile. Reconnect!

Better yet, step out on a limb and connect with someone new! The 3/1 would love that thought. Have no expectations of the outcome - just send a few well-wishes out to a stranger or two. You never know where it will lead. 3 is the number of friends and we can never have enough of those.

Friendship, true love, or uh-oh! How compatible are you with that potential love match? Compatibility charts and readings are available! Find out TODAY! Email…

Want a Soul Mate? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 11, 2013

Is It Yes Or No? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 10, 2013

Come Here, Go Away! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 9, 2013

You Deserve It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 8, 2013

We’re going to look at a different side of the 8/6 combo today because it’s not all about business/finance and having the right amount of money coming to you. The 8 loves the finer things in life while the 6 is nurturing. Turn it on yourself. What have you been wanting that you’ve been holding your breathe hoping someone else will get for you? Do it for yourself! Just because you purchased it, doesn’t make it lesser in value. And who else will get it just exactly the way you want? Let yourself know that you are of value!
I’ve had a few marriages, but I never received the engagement ring and I never got the honeymoon suite. In fact, I never got the honeymoon. I’ve worked hard, almost every day, all my life and you know what? I deserved all those things they gave to others who didn’t do half of what I accomplished. For my birthday weekend this year, I reserved the honeymoon cabin on the river reserved with all the goodies: wine, chocolates, fruit basket, you name it, because by gol…

I Don't Want To Be Alone!

Did you know that your address can help or hinder
you getting into a relationship?

Oh the world of Numerology, we look at your chart, but we also look at your surroundings.

What's your number address? Just the number - not the road or street. For me, it's 156 = 1+5+6=12; 1+2=3. I live in a 3 cabin. How about you? 3 tells me it's about communication, artistry, friends and laughter. Being the child on some days. What is yours? And if you're in an apartment with a number actually attached to your front door, that's the one you'll want to figure out.

If you're not wanting to be alone, you don't want a home that adds up to a 1 or 7. However, on the other hand, if you want solitude and seclusion, these are great numbers. If you don't want a lot of change and drama, you don't want a 5. And if you don't always want to bring your work home with you, get rid of the 8!

By adding an additional number to the inside of your front door, you can take…

I Can't Find It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 7, 2013

When the 7 appears on a Monday, there are a lot of folks who wonder how we're going to pull off the "Spiritual Seeker" when I have to start a new work week? It's so much easier on a day off, or Sunday when we've been raised to expect a spiritual gathering. But if you are a religious/spiritual/philosophical person, it's always a part of your day - even on Monday.

With the combination of 7/5 a number of events could take place. 5 loves excitement and drama, so we might have more of a reason to tap into the Divine for inspiration! 7/5 are very cerebral, a natural vibration to each other, and so serious conversation surrounding business research could be taking place. Detective work in all types of fields will be quite successful today so if you're looking for a particular item, information on a specific topic, genealogy work, or perhaps you work in the field of research, the vibrations are quite good for you. However, you should expect a few surprises a…

Are You Single? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 6, 2013

Our thoughts this Sunday will be towards "home". With the 6 of family and the 4 of the home, our attention will be attracted closer to the relationships and/or the structure that surrounds us. Nurturing and security fill our thoughts. Remember: family does not have to include only those that we are biologically connected to. If you have a family, this is a good time to make it a family day - games, adventure, reading together, an appropriate DVD that you'd all wish to live through :) . Other opportunities for the day include:

Considering and making plans for creating a family
Reaching out to others because you're looking for a relationship
Redecorating the house (pull out the paint swatches and fabric)
Plan to have dinner at home with a friend
Bake and cook for the upcoming week
Call the people in your life that mean the most, even it it's just to say hello

All in all, it's a domestic day. Pull close to you what already exists or embrace the dream you …

It's Time To PLAY! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 5, 2013

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