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Are You Single? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 6, 2013


Our thoughts this Sunday will be towards "home". With the 6 of family and the 4 of the home, our attention will be attracted closer to the relationships and/or the structure that surrounds us. Nurturing and security fill our thoughts. Remember: family does not have to include only those that we are biologically connected to. If you have a family, this is a good time to make it a family day - games, adventure, reading together, an appropriate DVD that you'd all wish to live through :) . Other opportunities for the day include:

Considering and making plans for creating a family
Reaching out to others because you're looking for a relationship
Redecorating the house (pull out the paint swatches and fabric)
Plan to have dinner at home with a friend
Bake and cook for the upcoming week
Call the people in your life that mean the most, even it it's just to say hello

All in all, it's a domestic day. Pull close to you what already exists or embrace the dream you wish to create.

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