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Blah, Blah, Blah...Your Numerology Vibrations for January 21, 2013


What a clever combination! I love this one...within reason.

3 is the number of communication, artistry, sales, laughter, playfulness, and the inner child. We can be like the "kid in the candy shop" and which one do we want first? But today, we're addressing communication and conversations. We all have a message that we want to extend to the world, don't we? 

And then there is that compatible 1 - as long as we don't allow it to slip into the pesky side. The leader is egging 3 on to REALLY say what they mean. This could be good if the conversation remains friendly or assertive.

However, this combination (including the 4 attitude) could push your important message into the aggressive category. We KNOW we're right, you better listen, and follow what I say. We may talk endlessly on the subject. This will not be taken well by your audience.

But with you at the controls and keeping it on the positive side, you can:

  • Reign in that all important business deal
  • Network with other business owners for a new job
  • Create a great resume, business brochure, or business cards
  • Enjoy a fun-filled family/friends evening
  • Paint, sculpture, sew, build, photograph, or design a project with purpose

So even though many of us view Monday as the day we dislike the most, this is a wonderful combination to turn that attitude around. Take snacks to the office today (or bake them for the home), and enjoy!

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