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FEEL The Dream! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 29, 2013


Visions, and psychic knowledge are available to us all today. The wisdom of the past will team with the Master Visionary today to bring out those answers that are tucked away within you. Trust what you hear and see

Do you need ritual to accomplish this? Make up your own. The Divine is pleased with those that are from the heart and pleasing in appearance (no matter how simple). If you wish to use color, use color. If you wish to create a beautiful sound, do so. If you subscribe to the full moon, we are still within the three day grace period.

Envision and feel it as if it is happening NOW. Thank the Universe for creating it for you. (Remember the lesson of the Native American who "feels" rain to create it as opposed to praying for rain).  


  • Take 5 minutes to envision and feel the dream
  • Look within for the answer to that all important question you've had
  • Meditate (can be done while walking, washing dishes, etc.)
  • Listen
  • Spend a moment in absolute quiet and connect with what is sacred to you
  • Ask
  • Give
  • Bring your friends together in a quieter (but fun) evening
  • Love
  • Spread blessings to those around you (can be done quietly)

It doesn't have to be a Sunday to have a day of revelation and sacredness. Grasp onto the power of these two vibrations and know that you are the creator of our reality. Take responsibility for your story and make it happen!