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I Can't Find It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 7, 2013


When the 7 appears on a Monday, there are a lot of folks who wonder how we're going to pull off the "Spiritual Seeker" when I have to start a new work week? It's so much easier on a day off, or Sunday when we've been raised to expect a spiritual gathering. But if you are a religious/spiritual/philosophical person, it's always a part of your day - even on Monday.

With the combination of 7/5 a number of events could take place. 5 loves excitement and drama, so we might have more of a reason to tap into the Divine for inspiration! 7/5 are very cerebral, a natural vibration to each other, and so serious conversation surrounding business research could be taking place. Detective work in all types of fields will be quite successful today so if you're looking for a particular item, information on a specific topic, genealogy work, or perhaps you work in the field of research, the vibrations are quite good for you. However, you should expect a few surprises along the way (and that's not always a negative; it could just be off-the-wall fun).

And for those looking for change/movement in their lives, it will pull at you that much more. This alone will give you reason to tap into the Divine to have that all important conversation!

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