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I Don't Want To Be Alone!

Did you know that your address can help or hinder
you getting into a relationship?

Oh the world of Numerology, we look at your chart, but we also look at your surroundings.

What's your number address? Just the number - not the road or street. For me, it's 156 = 1+5+6=12; 1+2=3. I live in a 3 cabin. How about you? 3 tells me it's about communication, artistry, friends and laughter. Being the child on some days. What is yours? And if you're in an apartment with a number actually attached to your front door, that's the one you'll want to figure out.

If you're not wanting to be alone, you don't want a home that adds up to a 1 or 7. However, on the other hand, if you want solitude and seclusion, these are great numbers. If you don't want a lot of change and drama, you don't want a 5. And if you don't always want to bring your work home with you, get rid of the 8!

By adding an additional number to the inside of your front door, you can take the vibration of your home and change it to something more suitable for what you wish to accomplish. Want a relationship? You'll want to be in a 2, 4, or 6 house. Want a home-based business? Try a 4 (good for relationships as well). Increased spirituality? 2 and 9 work nicely. 7 is also great, but it will keep you asking the big questions along with increased seclusion (which might be good for someone writing a book).

And can you change just one room in your house? Absolutely. So as you can see, numbers surround every part of our day - not just our names and birth dates.

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