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Is Today Going To Be A Bad Day?

If you want it to be. 

I am always concerned when a reader states, “Is today going to be a bad day?”

In any divination or spiritual belief (including one’s Bible), you can always find instances of whether to take the high road or the low road. In Numerology, every number used has a positive side and a negative side. Our gift of free will entitles us to choose which side we wish to sail on.

For example, today we have the 1/8 combination and on the negative side, these two could really rumble!  Both are the numbers of Generals, military, government, law makers, judges, and courts. “It’s my way or the highway, Baby!” And we have two of those vibrations joining forces.

OR, we can walk away and say, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow” (when the numbers of mediation and negotiations thrive). We choose our reactions and when we want to fulfill them.

There is no divination art, spiritual path, or religion that will come into your house, grab you off the couch, and make you do anything you do not want to do. What it offers is a tool for positive progress or energy, if you choose to direct it towards a particular project or goal of the day.

Consider in your spiritual path to use the tools for the good of the day as opposed to the negative. If you don’t know the positive aspect of any particular date, find it - it's there. When the negative begins to rear its head, walk away or make an appointment for another day.

We choose.