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Psychic or Criticism? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 20, 2013


When it's difficult to make conversation, or when we need one of those days "to talk about it", not just any day will do. Vibrations that match our unique numerical blueprint or match the day in general become important in the equation.

2 brings us the ability to use our intuition (trusting our gut feelings) and engage in the art of mediation and negotiations. It's very loving but it's also very emotional. Expect tears. 

9 is the number of the humanitarian who has the ability to be the counselor. Listening is a great attribute with the 9. However, if we allow our ego to take over, we may talk too much and become overly critical.

Walking on the positive side of this combination, here are a few interactions we can accomplish:

  • Extend love and understanding to those around us, including ourselves
  • Understand our family dynamics more without unreasonable expectations
  • Forgive
  • Bring relationships closer and enjoy those around us
  • Use our increased intuition to make decisions
  • Commune with the Divine on a higher level
  • Ask the Universe and expect answers
  • Discover a Soul Mate
Take advantage of today's gifts to bring someone or family closer, or bring a new person into your life. Thoughts become reality so be careful what you wish for!

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