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Reading Tarot Without Panic

The 5 of Swords - Oh noooooooo!
The 3 of Swords - Oh my gosh - I'm going to lose him!
The 7 of Swords - I'm going to lose it all!
The Tower - Arrrrggggghhhhhh!

One evening we're concerned about some upcoming event in our lives. We have no one to talk to so we turn to our Tarot cards, hoping for some inspiration and positive messages.  And what do we get?

Cards that we believe bear bad luck messages, filled with heartache and despair! Or so we feel. On the emotional scale of 1 to 10, we place them at a 35!

This is the reason why we have to look to our cards as tools to be used and not absolutes.

What happens if you get the 3 of Swords depicting three swords pierced through the middle of one's heart? Can you be positive that it's an all out assault on your love life? Have you ever noticed that there isn't a "little disappointed" card? That's right. There isn't a card that says, "Your heart will drop for a moment at the news, but you'll shrug it off, and go wash the kitchen floor instead." These extremes are what we have to take into consideration when doing emotional readings.

And how about the 5 of coins? Feeling like you're going to be on the street tomorrow? It doesn't have to be viewed that way. Are you really going to allow your home to be foreclosed on and be out on the street tomorrow? Of course not. Our emotions may tell us that we feel that way inside, but realistically, it would take over a year in many countries for the courts to put you on the street anyway. A lot can happen in a year, can't it? That's right.

And then there's the 7 of Swords that we all hate to see. Why? In situations where it may be telling us that your time and talents are taken for granted, you go for the jugular thinking everything has failed. 

Just to give you an example, I had the opportunity to make some good money today. Like most people, it was going towards living expenses so I was counting on it. This morning, I pull the 4 of coins, the 7 of Swords and the 3 of Swords. My first thought was just like everyone else. Good heavens, save my money because what's going to HAPPEN TO ME?!

But because I choose not to allow the sky to fall, I tucked it away and went onto something else. Then, I got a text. The opportunity fell through due to this weekend's winter weather storm. 

I was a little let down, but I'm not without a roof, heat, food, money, Internet service, you get the picture. So though it was "bad luck" that the storm hit and I lost the appointment, I continued my day, got it started, and moved onto something else. Tomorrow is another day and another appointment. 

So the next time you read those frightening tarot cards, take another look and see if they aren't geared more towards how you currently feel inside than based on actual reality. And then ask - what can I do about it? You are stronger and more powerful than the cardboard in front of you. Come up with a plan!