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The Ominous Sound of "Destiny"

Destiny - Can sound ominous, can't it? 

As opposed to sitting in a rocking chair one day wondering what it was all about, we want to know why are we were here in this lifetime? What was the driving force to be born? Did we miss something and what was it?

People may call it a Destiny number or in some groups, a Maturity number. I call it a Destiny number and Maturity is something that occurs around the age of 55. (We'll talk about it later). Destiny is what we are here to accomplish in this lifetime.

For those who follow Astrology, you realize that you are not just the sum of your Sun Sign (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc.). You are a combination of at least 10 different planets and where they were in the heavens at the time of your birth. In Numerology, you are the combination of 8 different numbers all woven together into an unique Numerical Blueprint. It's not just about your Life Path number.

Our Destiny was given to us by the person or people who designed our name for our birth certificate. It does not change with marriage or name changes. It was assigned the moment your name appeared in print. 

Many times, your Destiny can be a challenge to your Life Path number. And therefore creates a lesson for you to learn. 

It has been my experience after creating an uncountable number of charts, and reading for those who own them that your Destiny really begins kicking in around the age of 35. Some people are fortunate to have always walked towards it from an early age. For others, it takes time to walk the path leading towards that goal because through life experiences, they may have several obstacles to climb in order to recognize it

A bit of truth telling

My Destiny was so opposite of the life I was given that I refused to look at it for years. That's right! My Destiny was not only a challenge to my Life Path, but a slap in the face. Therefore, I chose not to look at my options and chose to mourn over it instead. I wouldn't even own up to it!

I had decided that my Destiny had to be the way I created it or no way at all. And because of this, many things in my life went unrecognized and unfulfilled. But it doesn't always have to be that way. I may not have gotten what I wanted at an earlier age, but today it is taking shape in a different way. It's still my Destiny though the players are different. 

So what is yours? And how will it one day be affected once again with your Maturity number? It can be a fascinating story to discover!

If you would like to explore your Destiny further, feel free to email me by clicking here!


  1. I only wish I knew what my destiny is supposed to be. I may never know.


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