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Unethical Readers - What To Do

In April of 1993, my husband and I had a joint reading performed in Casper, Wyoming. It would be our last because in August of the same year, Donnie passed away.

Our readings were wonderful, informative, instructive, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Our reader was a lovely woman who was full of love and compassion. I would remember her for years and still do.

In fact, she stayed on my mind and in the year 2006, I contacted her just to let her know what had happened and how Donnie and my reading had fit into our lives. Naturally, I was excited when I saw an email back from her - that is, until I read it.

Like all self-employment businesses, we have our lean times and months of abundance. I don't know if this was a particularly lean time, but she extended her condolences for his passing and then began telling me her story. Donnie had been haunting her. He was even keeping her up at night and not only did she fear him, she was greatly concerned about this. He was frightened for my well-being and could not rest until she relayed the message - much like Patrick Swayze in "Ghost" (1990). She also emphasized that she could not rest until I knew the truth.

She wasn't offering me the message for free, you understand. There was a stiff fee for relaying this Life or Death reading and time was of the essence. I "really needed to hear it now as he feared for my life." If Donnie had believed this so strongly, he could have come directly to me.

I deleted that email like a hot potato. And you should too. I don't know when she decided that delivering threatening readings was ethical. But it should never be a part of any reader's agenda. Much of the general public already believes what we do is unethical without confirming their belief about us personally.

If you encounter an unethical reader, do not look at the money you've spent and believe that you must stay to get your money's worth. Stand up, and walk out. Let it go.

I feel it is a reader's obligation to find the positive aspects in a reading that create the highest and best outcome for their client. We can all outline what we view as obstacles, but then produce options for overcoming them. Foreseen obstacles are not etched in stone and using the gifts and tools we have within, we can all change those events.


  1. There is nothing worse than a reader (or any person for that matter) who preys on a person's fears and pain. What that woman did was completely outrageous, unethical and downright cruel. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

    The sad thing is that so many people fall for that kind of schtick. In my own career, I've had to undo a lot of damage from people like the reader you mention. Not only does crap like this add to the stigma that many of us face but it also creates a lot of work for those of us who simply want to use psychic/tarot/numerology/astrology/etc help people.

    The focus should always be on serving the client, not just serving our own pocketbook.

  2. Nothing is written in stone. Energy can be like a laser or can be very fluid and always has the possibility to change.


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