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Versace? Vera Wang? Vivaldi? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 26, 2013


"One thing I can tell you is
You got to be free
Come together, right now
Over me." (Lennon-McCartney, 1969)

Normally when I see 8/6 together, my first thought is business and taking care of one's customers. But there's another side to both the 8 and 6 that can be self-sacrificing. 

The 6 is the family person who will give up their hopes and dreams for the "good of the family." It doesn't matter if it's miserable; the family was taken care of. They will hide their misery within themselves and go into old age with regret.

The 8 will do the same thing for the sake of honor and responsibility. However, unlike the 6, you'll know about it! And when they get tired of being around those they are responsible for, they will lock themselves away at the office or......with another. However, they tend to always get caught. 

6 is about nurturing. But when we hear that word, we instantly visualize "taking care" of someone else. But nurturing can refer to taking care of ourselves. If no one else does it, who will?

8 also refers to health and looking good in body and clothing


  • Take a step to make yourself feel and look better physically
  • Turn on music that puts you at ease
  • Dine in fine china or a special dish all day
  • Purchase an antique
  • Upgrade a garment to a better quality brand (it does not have to be new but should be in very nice condition)
  • Make an appointment for a makeover
  • Color Therapy
  • Create a spa in your bathroom
  • Demand time for yourself and "Just Say NO!"
  • Make reservations for a B&B overnight - preferably upscale (wine glasses, classical music, etc.)

Demanding time for ourselves can be a healthy selfish and teaches those around you that they also must learn the benefits of caring for themselves as well. 

I'm so BORED and have no clue where my focus should be! 
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