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What's Your Destiny? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 18, 2013


9 and 7 are generally challenges to each other because of the social aspect of each other. 9 wants to interact with the masses, while the 7 wants to work in their home office, or walk alone in nature.

9 wants to bring home the homeless, start non-profit organizations, and help heal the pain that others experience. 7 communes with the Divine, collecting more non-visible entities to surround them than those that walk the Earth.

But there is something that the 9 and 7 share!

They both relate to Old Wisdom and the seeking of spirituality in their lives. They both lean towards the philosophical and the need to have a Higher Belief System in their lives.

Combined together today, we will see the following vibrations:

  • Seeking our destiny. We are not the sum of our Life Path Number. We all have a destiny we came into this life to fulfill. What's yours?
  • Choosing to incorporate more personal interaction in our day/lives and less seclusion
  • Listening - REALLY listening to our spouses, children, friends, customers, and clients
  • Questioning the Divine and where are we headed?
  • Sharing! What do you no longer need in your closet? Someone can use it - Share!

Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the week and allow humanitarianism be your Guide today!

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