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You Deserve It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 8, 2013


We’re going to look at a different side of the 8/6 combo today because it’s not all about business/finance and having the right amount of money coming to you. The 8 loves the finer things in life while the 6 is nurturing. Turn it on yourself. What have you been wanting that you’ve been holding your breathe hoping someone else will get for you? Do it for yourself! Just because you purchased it, doesn’t make it lesser in value. And who else will get it just exactly the way you want? Let yourself know that you are of value!

I’ve had a few marriages, but I never received the engagement ring and I never got the honeymoon suite. In fact, I never got the honeymoon. I’ve worked hard, almost every day, all my life and you know what? I deserved all those things they gave to others who didn’t do half of what I accomplished. For my birthday weekend this year, I reserved the honeymoon cabin on the river reserved with all the goodies: wine, chocolates, fruit basket, you name it, because by golly, I DESERVE IT! And before I die, I will also purchase that engagement ring I never got. There’s an 8/6 combo vibration! What do you deserve that you were waiting to exhale in order to get? 

Give it to yourself! You deserve it!

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