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EXTREMES! Here Comes March, 2013!

We haven't had a month like this since...well...March of 2004. Where were you then? 

Oh Heavens! I remember what I was doing (but you won't hear about it here)!

It's a month of EXTREMES! We have the double numbers coming every day of the month.

We not just going to have Leadership, we're going to have

We are not just going to cry about something; we're going 
to CRY!

That's Right!

And when we 
wish to 
debate about 
that is a topic of our interest...that's right! 
We're going to DEBATE! 

Personally, I think doing the daily forecast is going to be a bit of a hoot. But my suggestion is to find the humor in all you do on a daily basis.

(Oh wait, that's amplified as well).

But don't you think that's a lot better?

Let Go & Begin! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 28, 2013

Tomorrow, we go into an entire month of double vibrations, of which we haven't seen for some time! But today, we're solidifying the decisions of yesterday, so that they become "law" tomorrow.

Again, 9 is a number of completion, along with old wisdom, the therapist, the counselor. 

1 is the leader, the inventor, determination, and motivation. It goes after it's goals and knows how to get there. 


Continue "cleaning out" those things no longer needed in your lifeIf cleaning out possessions, give them to charity or someone who needs them todayIf needed, create a ritual for letting things go that are no longer needed (habits, relationships, etc.)Make a plan of moving towards what you want (get out the tablet!)Search the want ads for those things you wantIf it's a job, get ready to apply (is your resume in order or need to be changed for that position?)Begin a new projectPurchase the items you need for a new projectIf feeling stressed, journal. Nu…

Do You Really Want That Job? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 27, 2013


Do I really want this job? Could I be doing better elsewhere? Could I be happier doing something else? Is that the career I really want? 

This is the last combo of this type we'll see for awhile. It's a great day for really digging in and asking, "Is this what I want to do?"

The 11 will be adding to the mix "Is it the BEST opportunity for me?" The master number wants the best for everyone. Remember: No one is "on the shelf" when it comes to life (nothing is "over" due to age, looks, location, etc). 

Do you have to jump today? No. But a decision is in order and the action can be carried out in the near future. But it will only remain a decision, a thought, a hope, until action is taken.

9 is not only old wisdom, it's the completion of things we no longer need.

8 is business/career, health, and looking good. 


Make a final decision about the career you presently have Make a final decision about your health and where you wish it to…

Do You Really Want To Eat That? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 26, 2013


Have you ever thought of a raw food diet? Mediterranean? Vegetarian? One that enhances your immune system

8 isn't just about business and finance. It's also about health and "diet" doesn't always mean losing weight. It's about introducing a way of eating that enhances your nutrition to bring out the best in you. 

7 is also the great researcher. It's a real detective and will dig into any topic that it's truly interested in.


Research the diet you feel that you'd like to know more about. What would work well with your lifestyle? Start changing it.Research the ingredients online of the processed foods you own - do you really want to eat that?Look into exercise programs that would fit well with you and try it outFind more economical insurance policiesDiscover better clothing outlets and consider a change in lookShed one area of your home of broken items (rearrange other possessions into this area)Research better business techniques or produ…

Discover The Magic! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 25, 2013

Shall I be involved; shall I not? 
Perhaps I want to spend time with the family; perhaps not.
Maybe I want to spend time with my friends; I think I want time for myself.
I'm tired of being alone; thank God, I'm alone.

Opposites...opposites. And then by mid-day, we believe we're going crazy, but we're not.

6 wants the closeness of family and community. Again, we have the designer and domestic pursuits coming out in it but it's taken on a quieter turn from yesterday.

7 is the loner. It's not that it wants total isolation, but its incredibly selective and not prone to large groups. An air of mystery surrounds it. It's a number that seeks the divine and magic of the planet.


Continue working on those domestic/artistic pursuits from yesterdayWeather permitting, walk in nature (even if it's your own  yard) if things feel stressedResearch of any type is good todayDon't over-analyzeStudy a topic surrounding sustenance, self-dependency, vegetable gardeni…

Kick It Into Action! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 24, 2013

Change is still in the air, but now it's centering more on relationships - family/friends/community. It's one of our last opportunities this month to implement those changes that work the best for you. If you're working with a family situation within the house, realize that everyone in that house may (or may not) have a plan as well. Time to share.

6 is very domestic and nurturing, offering caring and giving to those around them. This is the number of the parent. It's also the number of the designer - color is its theme.

5 needs its freedom and really doesn't enjoy the scheduling of the 6. Adventure is the name of the game. If 5 gets too bored with life, it's going to invent a bit of drama to kickstart everything back into action.That drama just might include you.


Have a family/friend day, but don't expect the "nice and quiet". Weather permitting, get out in the air and enjoy a sport or twoGoing to the theatre? Pick an adventure filmWantin…

Coffee In Bed - Your Numerology Vibrations for February 23, 2013

Rollin', rollin', rollin',
Though the streams are swollen,
Keep them dogies rollin',
Rawhide! (Washington-Tiomkin, 1958)

Ready? Because for the next two days, we have 5 in a predominant spot. And in both cases, we'll have two challenging numbers back to back. 

5 loves it's freedom and boredom is not an option. In fact, if 5 gets bored, it will create a bit of drama just to get things going. Spontaneity is its keyword.

4 is absolutely the opposite. Let's stay home and deal with the operation of the home, work, study. Let's analyze answers to questions so that we don't have spontaneity.


Consider home repairs and begin fixing a fewLooking to sell your home? Call a Realtor AgentSearch the ads for a new place to live if you're wishing to moveThrow an impromptu dinner partyVisit a museum, library event, bookstore event, university eventTravel...anyplace!Change your typical weekend schedule - do something different

Change and stability. Freedom and …

The Master Teacher & Communicator! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 22, 2013

Master teacher, intuitive, or business owner? How about all three? It's a possibility.

The master number 22 is the master teacher, and though 4 is typically not in the intuitive category, we do not reduce the 2s. Therefore, there is an amount of intuition that is strong within this day. Listening to your gut feelings is wise.

3 is the communicator, artist, journalist, sales, and the number of the child. It brings out our need to tell our stories, concerns, or interact with others. In this respect, it magnifies the speaking ability of the 22.


Teachers! Feel free to be creative.Listen to your gut feelings with questions you haveCommune with the divine and write down the answersConsidering a workshop? Do it!Study a topic that you've been wanting to delve in to, particularly if you can, in turn, teach othersWrite a self-help article or bookBusiness owners - take extra time with your customers' questionsGet creative around your home - what needs to be changed or added…

Trust Your Gut Feelings! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 20, 2013

Compromise. We don't always like the sound of that word, even though it can be a positive.

We feel that compromise means that WE give in, but that is not the true definition.

2 is not only about love, intuition, peacefulness and harmony, but it is also the negotiator. Though a follower by nature, it has the hard hitting 4/1 combo to back it up. The 2, on the other hand, will bring understanding and the ability to consider emotions in the conversations.

1 is the leader, the innovator, independence, and combined with the 4 attitude, it's taking no prisoners. The 2 will be there to temper emotions.


Have an important conversation that needs to be addressed (this doesn't mean everything goes your way, but you'll have the ability to negotiate)Pursue a goal "that you love" Give an unexpected giftDo something for yourself (spoil yourself a bit)Create a Sacred Space, if you don't already have oneRevamp your Sacred Space - take out everything that isn't …

Make A Decision! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 19, 2013

Closing the last chapter and beginning a new one! 

We have another opportunity to change our stories, move forward, or step forward with a plan. Remember, the only bad choice is not making choices at all. You'll eventually get to your goal if you keep moving and there's nothing more that the 1 enjoys than chasing their dreams - making them come true. 

1 is a leader and inventor. He's right out there wanting to invent your life - prodding you to move.

9 is the counselor that wants the best for you. "Is that what you really want? Would that make you happy? Are you being self-sacrificing or is it a good choice in the long run?" He's even going to bring forward wisdom from the past to help you decide your path.

Clean out another drawer or cabinet of unwanted itemsRe-organize a cabinet. Did you know hundreds of dollars are wasted at the grocery stores because we don't know what all we have in our cabinets already?Attend a meeting/gathering/social event…

Do You Really Want To Eat That? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 18, 2013

Wrapping up chapters in our lives are not always painful. Look at the light in this photo. So often we think of it as leaving something behind when in actuality, we're going towards something new. 

9 tells us that we have one more day to give away or end those people/places/things that aren't working in our lives.

8 describes business/finance/health/possessions surrounding us. 8 loves to "look good!"

Not everyone has a major situation that needs to be handled. In those cases, you may be just looking at the food in your kitchen (health) or items that surround you. 


If it's broken, get rid of it (broken items; broken outlooks)Exchange a decorating item for something better. Begin shedding the "junk" a few items at a timeIf you were considering giving in your resignation at work, this is a good vibrational dayConsolidate banking accountsClose a bank accountPay off a billMake a final decision on something you need to addressGo through your kitchen c…

Discover New & Better Ways! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 17, 2013

Listen to the video above. 
8 focuses on the materialism of life. Business, finance, health, and looks. These are very important aspects to the 8. 

7 focuses on the spiritual side of life and business/finance is a wildcard in their life. 

This does not make one better than the other but when it comes to relationships, it can be a real sore spot for the 8 who is yearning to be ahead in life. Both have come into this lifetime with very different viewpoints and experiences.

However, they can be blended into the theme of the video above. Doing what you love, becoming a master at what you love, and allowing the money to appear in what you do.


Re-evaluate what you do in lifeWhat is your focus in that job?If you are not happy, research possibilities today (7 loves to research)Job search online or through the newspaperSearch for alternative career choices online (if you're looking for something different)Reassess your financial situation and what you can do to invest differently for…

We Don't Always Get It - Your #Numerology Vibrations for February 16, 2013

Luckily for us, the Universe doesn't always give us what we THINK we want immediately. Can you imagine? 

A few days ago, I posted a wonderful video of a baby elephant playing in the waves of India. Everyone wanted a baby elephant after viewing the video. Can you imagine if our thoughts created reality immediately? There would be thousands of baby elephants in peoples' living rooms today and the zoos would suddenly be overwhelmed as people realized they could not keep an elephant.

It's the same with divination and numbers. We just experienced two days of 5s where we are like Kids In A Candy Store. Very little clarity centers on the number 5 but it can boost us forward in the days following it. So how are the decisions you made over the past two days looking today? That's your assignment under the 7/6. 

7 is not only the Spiritual Seeker, but it's the researcher - the observer. It's going to dig into the situation and decide the highest and best route.

6 is abou…

Design Life! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 15, 2013


Valentine's Day is over and for some it was a day of true change. Change in home life, change in jobs, and change in what they viewed as their present security. Hopefully, it was for the better.

For others, they will reassess relationships today. Is it really what they want?

6 is about the family, community, domesticity, connections with others. (It also is very highly design oriented). This is also the number of the parent.

5 continues another day of change, movement, freedom and sometimes, drama. It really isn't there to make our lives miserable. It's there to help place it back on our Destiny track. And it does not include a life of self-sacrifice (the downside of the 6).


Refrain making permanent decisions around homelife until tomorrow when the 6 will see more clearlyAll that glitters is not gold - wait a dayWhat around the house have you wanted to create or color? Do it over the next two daysSewPaintStart your Spring garden indoorsHave family night with a twist…

Unlovable or Hitching Up To The Wrong Number?

Show me a 9 in a gentleman's chart, and I'm running as fast as my feet can carry me in the opposite direction! Is it a "wrong" number? No - just for me.

Often times, we look at our relationships and wonder why we are playing out the same scenario over and over again. 

Year after year, we end up sitting without the relationship we'd hoped for.

So what is one thing we can do when it comes to relationships and Numerology charts? How good are you at spreadsheets?

By writing out your Numerical Blueprint, and then the Numerical Blueprints of those who got away (or you walked away from),  you're going to see a pattern among these past lovers. There will be a number that sticks out like a sore thumb

For me, it is the number 9 sitting in their Life Path or Day of Birth categories. (Generally, you want to really look at either of these two categories). It's also a numerical challenge to my Life Path and Maturity numbers.

The next thing you do is figure out the numerica…

I Want To Be Free! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 14, 2013

What is the similarity between Valentine's Day and Christmas? 

They should have been assigned to the day before or after (December 24th and February 15th).

Christmas carries the loner number of 7 and Valentine's Day vibrates with the 5 - I want to be free! Doesn't quite fit with the idea of love and togetherness, does it?

The 4 will temper that down a bit for 2013, but that is a category that changes each year.   (There will be a double 5 in 2014). 4 brings us vibrations centering on the home, business, and study.

5 can offer excitement and spontaneity, but it's also about change, freedom, and drama. And under the vibration of the 5, we don't always make the best decisions when it comes to something major.


If you have a relationship, create some excitement! Drop the dramaCreate a come-as-you-are dinner partyDo something spontaneous and unplannedTravel to visit a museumTake a rideRefrain from heavy discussionsWait on major decisions (if possible) until Saturd…

What Did You Say?! Your #Numerology Vibrations for February 13, 2013

When 4 and 3 join forces, we have to be cautious that our words are sweet and not like the little birds in the photo. 

Among their other attributes, arguments can pursue. And if you follow Astrology, the Moon in Aries at present is there to tell you "You're right and they really need to hear it!"

4 is the great debater. It definitely knows where it wishes to go on a project, the notepad and pen are out, and it will truly be able to give you a list of your chores surrounding it. Don't be surprised if your list is three times longer than theirs - after all, someone has to supervise.

3 is the communicator and artist. It's never lost for words, whether you're speaking or writing. 


Apply for the job you've been staring at for several daysApply for the promotion you been secretly wanting - it's free to apply - DO IT!DIY projects - Get Creative!Paint a room in your houseDIY projectsHouse Meeting - but watch the conversationGo house huntingWork on a wo…

Did You Miss It Last Time? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 12, 2013

Did you miss it last time? It’s a day to start practicing telling (3) your new story or just about everything else you need/want. 
With the 11 vibration of the master visionary, you’ll want the best for others around you but you’ll also want it for yourself. So where is it that you want to be headed?
Today: Want a different job? Search online or in the newspapers; tell your friendsWant a new place to live? Put the word out thereWant a promotion? Who at our present employment can you tell that will help you move up the ladder? If there is no one or nowhere to go, see the first line.Have a new business that's about to open? Meet with other entrepreneurs and network. Where are they? Find the local restaurant where they're having coffee or through Meetup groupsGo to and discover people of like-mindedness. sign up to attend the next meeting in an area of interestGet creative today; paint something (furniture, room, canvas)Work on a hobby itemMake a new resumeCreate a …

Stop! Refocus! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 11, 2013

What is the dream? What is the dream inside your head that you would rather be concentrating on?

Decide today that it is IT!  

11 is the master visionary or the master builder. You are the construction worker of your thoughts and story. What will you build? The canvas is blank - what will you paint?

1 is the leader, innovator, inventor, independent, energetic, and pushes through to their goals and dreams. 

The combination of the two is very powerful when you, as the writer, choose to take on the role of creator. 


Focus, focus, focusBe mindful of your thoughts; what you focus upon, you are creating for yourselfTake action - take another step towards the goal you wish to accomplish (you choose the step)Looking for another job or place to live? Search online or in the paper today - inquire of friends for information that can lead you in that directionMove - just sitting will not take you forwardSpeak to strangers - you never know what information they will impart and you may make…

Do It Today! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 10, 2013

Closing the last chapter and beginning a new one! 

Seems that is a good vibration for a Sunday, doesn't it? Let the past go and begin anew. And that truly sums it up. So if you are not working today outside your home, what does the 1/9 combo bring to you?


Get out the garbage bags and get rid of those things you don't want. Place it outside by the garbage so that you're not bringing it back insideStart a new project that mentally makes you feel good (designing, decorating, building, etc.)Get out among others, even if it's just for breakfastResearch online ways to improve your health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) and begin a plan to follow itGiveReceiveMake a final decision on an area of your life that needs attention

We're turning things around and wanting to proceed with gusto. It doesn't mean it'll take all day, but whatever you're wanting to address, do it today!

Flat Stomachs Revisited

Several time recently, I've been asked about diet and exercise. Over the past 4 months, this is what I've discovered first hand.

When I returned from Spain, I liked how I felt from the diet I was eating. Therefore, I continued it and discovered that what I thought was a thing of the past has  returned (i.e. a flat stomach, more energy, less exhaustion, etc.)

The people of Spain are not large people. Oh yes, you have a person here and there, but Northern Spain abounds with size 6s, 8s, and oh my, on the heavy side - 12s! And this is why.

See the photo to the left? In every restaurant or cafe that we visited in the 40 days there, that is all they placed on our table. Oil (probably olive), vinegar and black pepper (yes, I know it's showing a salt shaker, but pretend it's pepper). There was no butter, margarine, salt, salad dressing, gravy, syrup, peanut butter, and 100 other things we Americans use to hide our food. Spain is not a third world country and they are very co…

You Are Priceless! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 9, 2013

Rethinking what you do for a living? Don't be surprised.

9 - Old Wisdom, philanthropy, counselor, therapist, and number of completion.

8 - Business & finance, health & diet, and looking our best. 

Combine the two and we're rethinking several of our options. Perhaps we'll be hitting the newspapers today to look for a new job to do. We might even be handing in our resignation, if we've decided over the past few days to let it go.

Perhaps we'll throw out our present diet and head towards a far healthier regiment that goes into our bodies. 

We can, however, be assured that with the 11 master number in the mix, we'll be looking at our decisions for the present/future with our best interests in mind


Listen to the still, small voice within and take stock of good adviceIf your job makes your life miserable, reconsider what you do (no amount of money will pay for results of what stress will ultimately do to your body)Reconsider what you eat. Going to th…

Why, Why, Why - Your Numerology Vibrations for February 8, 2013

Why, why, why....Why can't I get a job? Why do I have the boss I have? Why am I going through this? Why was I put on this planet to work this job?

7 is not only a spiritual seeker, he's a researcher - a true detective. And he wants to know ALL the most important answers regarding spirituality - and everything else. 

8 wants to focus on money and how much they have. They also like taking that money and beautifying their surroundings with the finer things of life. Looking good is high on their personal agenda.


Research for a new job (if you're not happy with the one you now have)Research a new careerLook for new options for financial investmentsSearch for a better interest rateBrainstorm health concerns you may haveDIY home repairs (does that bathtub need a new refinish?)Window shop for new decorations (Waterford, anyone?)Consider that God lives within you - you are responsible for your finances, health, and surroundings. If you write your own story, how can you chan…

1 -9 On A Bus Ride - Would You Ride With These Guys?

People are always wondering what are the traits of the various numbers (less master numbers). Naturally, a lot of that comes with study and memorization. But I like to turn them into people, utilizing the epitome of their number. 

Remember: we are not the epitome of our Life Path numbers. We are a combination of 8 numbers woven into a delightful story. 

So let's take that bus ride, shall we? That's right! You're the bus driver and 1-9 are going on a field trip. So buckle your seat belt!

Grab your coffee cup as well - you'll need it.

1 through 9 have boarded the bus and have taken their appropriate seats. 1 is planted right behind you; you might need help performing your job. After all, you look a bit incompetent. 

7 is not far behind because there might be a great escape and he wants to be in the forefront of leaving this noisy group. 2 is tearfully sitting in the back of the bus while 3 and 5 are in the middle of the bus, attempting to unite everyone in a sing-a-long. 3 ha…

Choose Wisely! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 6, 2013

Still looking at that 5? It's not always the same as the 5 in Tarot. It can actually work to our advantage.

5 is one of the more compassionate numbers of Numerology, even if it does bring more drama into your life. Excitement and spontaneity is never a bad thing either as the 5 loves freedom and "come-as-you-are", impromptu gatherings.

6 describes the family, nurturing, domestic ventures, color, and design. So we can bring fun and excitement around our personal interactions and hobbies today, or we can lean the opposite direction. We choose.


Bring out the color in your artistic endeavors - nothing boring today!Try something new in your home - COLOR!Pick out the new colors you're planning to paint rooms this SpringGrab the Burpee, Park, or other gardening catalog and plan your Spring gardenTake your children or yourself on a nature outingReconsider bringing in a different, healthier diet into the homeLooking for a new home? Check out the adsLooking to move yo…

This has GOT to change! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 5, 2013

We're looking at our surroundings and attempting to make changes that will more suit our purposes. And those things that are highlighted are home, business, and education. Today, consider options but wait a few days to carry them out.

Don't be surprised if you spend a little more time than necessary over-analyzing the decisions you make. Not to worry - if you don't come to some concrete decisions, you'll be going through the same vibration on the 14th and can reassess them at that time.

Procrastination is not a trait of the number 5. In fact, it tends to jump in with both feet sooner that necessary. But the 4 will even it out with it's methodical practices and again, wait a few days when the 6 is more predominant to carry out the final decision. You will see more clearly under the 6 vibration.


Make a list of home repairs that need to be addressedBegin looking for a new place to live (if appropriate)Engage with your customers more through conversationIf …

Save It! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 4, 2013

Back to work! And it can be a busy one. We've been changing, tweeking, and communicating our new story, but now we have to look at our home/work stability
4 is the saver of Numerology; 3 likes to spend money. 4 wants to pay the bills on time; 3 wants to play now and worry about the bills later.
4 can be way to methodical today when it comes to what needs to be accomplished, but that can also be good. It keeps us focused and goal accomplishment always feels good at the end of the day. 3, on the other hand, will lighten things up a bit so we don't feel too badly about taking those breaks or enjoying an evening of play.
Save Money; think twice before spending frivolously Start a Savings Account Pay a bill instead of waiting Take time to study a topic you've been wanting to explore Write If you're an artist, consider a showing or put your items up for sale Engage in some home repairs - even the small ones Apply for a new job Advertise and Network your current business Vi…

Laugh A Lot! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 3, 2013

It’s a day to start practicing telling (3) your new story. What positives do you want people to know about you? Perhaps you’ll only practice in front of the mirror to see how it sounds and that’s acceptable as well.
With the 11 vibration of the master visionary, you’ll want the best for others around you but you’ll also want it for yourself. Begin looking at your experience as “those that gained me the strengths I have today.” Make a list of your strengths. Don't be modest - write them all.
Today: Have an important conversation with yourself and friendsDrop the “old story”Call old friends you haven’t talked to for awhile and catch up on newsIf you’re an artist, this is a great day to paint, write, produce, direct – whatever your art gift isTake a short time to communicate to the Divine – meditatePrayPlay – LaughHave coffee with friends – even if it’s only over the phoneMake a new friend by opening up and talking to someone new

Take time to get out among others the best you can.…