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1 -9 On A Bus Ride - Would You Ride With These Guys?

People are always wondering what are the traits of the various numbers (less master numbers). Naturally, a lot of that comes with study and memorization. But I like to turn them into people, utilizing the epitome of their number. 

Remember: we are not the epitome of our Life Path numbers. We are a combination of 8 numbers woven into a delightful story. 

So let's take that bus ride, shall we? That's right! You're the bus driver and 1-9 are going on a field trip. So buckle your seat belt!

Grab your coffee cup as well - you'll need it.

1 through 9 have boarded the bus and have taken their appropriate seats. 1 is planted right behind you; you might need help performing your job. After all, you look a bit incompetent. 

7 is not far behind because there might be a great escape and he wants to be in the forefront of leaving this noisy group. 2 is tearfully sitting in the back of the bus while 3 and 5 are in the middle of the bus, attempting to unite everyone in a sing-a-long. 3 has brought an array of junk food and is passing it out up and down the aisles.

4 is engaging 7 in a conversation about the fall of the Roman Empire while 8 is checking their ipad for the results of the Toyko stock market. 8 has noted that 5 could have worn something better than THAT today. 

9  and 6 are listening intently to 2's lamentings, offering advice when they can.  

A few miles down the road, 1 has serious concerns how long you've been at your job, were you trained, and do you know where you're going. Perhaps we can call someone and find a driver more qualified?

2 is still telling their story of woe to 9 and 6, with 6 beginning to look for more friendly conversation and 9 sinking into the role of counselor. 2 has a sweet face; surely they can be fixed by the end of the trip?

3 is telling jokes with abundant laughter going on around them. 5 has found a boom box and a few CDs; Springstein is now blaring out of the speakers. It's party-time!

7 looks over their glasses at 3, observing their behavior and wondering what type of upbringing produced this person. Why are they needing to be the bus clown? Why does 5 feel they need to be dancing on the bus seats?  4 is still talking over the seat about the war between the Christians and Moors during the Crusades. 7  has one ear listening while watching the interactions of 2, 6, and 9 - what the heck are they talking about? 

1 decides it's time for 5 to sit down, and doesn't mind telling her that. 5 turns her back to 1 and dances that much more in defiance. The clothes are beginning to fly off in a teasing striptease. 6 has left the company of 2, seeking out 3 for some much needed laughter. 9 has sunk into the role of psychotherapist intent on "fixing" 2 before they arrive at their destination.

3 hasn't stopped talking since they left the parking lot an hour ago and 5 has now picked out a CD by Aerosmith. "Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly.."  The noise factor is getting to 7. He stares at the window contemplating Creation and tuning out.

4 has decided that 2 needs a quicker fix than that and proceeds to write a list of do's and don'ts of life. Handing it to 2, she states in a no-nonsense manner that THAT is what you do. Move on!

8 seems to think 4 might be interesting and strikes up a conversation on what type of business they're in, which 4 is now happy to oblige.

Within a few miles of their destination, 1 through 9 have worn out their welcome with each other. 1 is acting like a military officer, firing orders at all the other numbers. 3 is throwing a tantrum but attempting to join forces with 5 who is considering tying 1 up with duct tape - particularly his mouth. 6, fearful of this situation has returned to sit with 2, who is safe.

2 now understands that life is fruitless and is crying in her hands. 9 now realizes that all this listening has been for naught and is happy that he has lived a perfect, faultless life.

Before any duct tape is applied, 4 is going head to head with 1 in an escalating argument, with 4 acting like the proverbial pit-bull. 1 is visualizing 4 blown off the face of the planet.

8 wonders how he ever got on this bus as these people are beneath his dignity. He stands up and  attempts to take control of the entire situation, while 7 sinks more into an alternative dimension, imagining a world of silence.

It's been a long ride but as they all depart the bus, you really are wondering if you could call and get someone else to take them home.


  1. I'm afraid I would be calling someone else to take them home!!
    I had my fill of people like that while I DID drive Buses in UK!!


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