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Choose Wisely! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 6, 2013


Still looking at that 5? It's not always the same as the 5 in Tarot. It can actually work to our advantage.

5 is one of the more compassionate numbers of Numerology, even if it does bring more drama into your life. Excitement and spontaneity is never a bad thing either as the 5 loves freedom and "come-as-you-are", impromptu gatherings.

6 describes the family, nurturing, domestic ventures, color, and design. So we can bring fun and excitement around our personal interactions and hobbies today, or we can lean the opposite direction. We choose.


  • Bring out the color in your artistic endeavors - nothing boring today!
  • Try something new in your home - COLOR!
  • Pick out the new colors you're planning to paint rooms this Spring
  • Grab the Burpee, Park, or other gardening catalog and plan your Spring garden
  • Take your children or yourself on a nature outing
  • Reconsider bringing in a different, healthier diet into the home
  • Looking for a new home? Check out the ads
  • Looking to move your home to another state/county? Check out the info online

We can head for the drama when offered, or walk away and head towards the positive. We choose - choose wisely.