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Design Life! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 15, 2013


Valentine's Day is over and for some it was a day of true change. Change in home life, change in jobs, and change in what they viewed as their present security. Hopefully, it was for the better.

For others, they will reassess relationships today. Is it really what they want?

6 is about the family, community, domesticity, connections with others. (It also is very highly design oriented). This is also the number of the parent.

5 continues another day of change, movement, freedom and sometimes, drama. It really isn't there to make our lives miserable. It's there to help place it back on our Destiny track. And it does not include a life of self-sacrifice (the downside of the 6).


  • Refrain making permanent decisions around homelife until tomorrow when the 6 will see more clearly
  • All that glitters is not gold - wait a day
  • What around the house have you wanted to create or color? Do it over the next two days
  • Sew
  • Paint
  • Start your Spring garden indoors
  • Have family night with a twist (different menu; a rented DVD afterwards)
  • Create a new family if you don't have one (if the people in your life are not there for you, you need a new one)

Even though the 6 and 5 are challenges to each other, there is a lot of good that comes from it. Where weather permits, get out among your garden space, no matter how small. Design some "life" around you.