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Did You Miss It Last Time? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 12, 2013


Did you miss it last time? It’s a day to start practicing telling (3) your new story or just about everything else you need/want. 

With the 11 vibration of the master visionary, you’ll want the best for others around you but you’ll also want it for yourself. So where is it that you want to be headed?

  • Want a different job? Search online or in the newspapers; tell your friends
  • Want a new place to live? Put the word out there
  • Want a promotion? Who at our present employment can you tell that will help you move up the ladder? If there is no one or nowhere to go, see the first line.
  • Have a new business that's about to open? Meet with other entrepreneurs and network. Where are they? Find the local restaurant where they're having coffee or through Meetup groups
  • Go to and discover people of like-mindedness. sign up to attend the next meeting in an area of interest
  • Get creative today; paint something (furniture, room, canvas)
  • Work on a hobby item
  • Make a new resume
  • Create a new business card/brochure
  • Start verbalizing the NEW YOU! (Even if it's just to the walls)

Take time to get out among others the best you can. Announce and play-act to the Universe the new you! You'll have two more times this month to harness this vibrate, but why wait? Take every opportunity you have.