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Discover The Magic! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 25, 2013


Shall I be involved; shall I not? 
Perhaps I want to spend time with the family; perhaps not.
Maybe I want to spend time with my friends; I think I want time for myself.
I'm tired of being alone; thank God, I'm alone.

Opposites...opposites. And then by mid-day, we believe we're going crazy, but we're not.

6 wants the closeness of family and community. Again, we have the designer and domestic pursuits coming out in it but it's taken on a quieter turn from yesterday.

7 is the loner. It's not that it wants total isolation, but its incredibly selective and not prone to large groups. An air of mystery surrounds it. It's a number that seeks the divine and magic of the planet.


  • Continue working on those domestic/artistic pursuits from yesterday
  • Weather permitting, walk in nature (even if it's your own  yard) if things feel stressed
  • Research of any type is good today
  • Don't over-analyze
  • Study a topic surrounding sustenance, self-dependency, vegetable gardening, canning, etc.
  • Commune with the Divine
  • Look within and listen
  • Encourage stillness and quieter activities

Whenever 7 is teamed with an outgoing number (and we'll have this Monday and Tuesday), there are times we don't understand why the good times aren't rolling. It's the stillness of the 7. Realize that it's time given to you to discover the magic of the planet around you.