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Discover New & Better Ways! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 17, 2013


Listen to the video above. 

8 focuses on the materialism of life. Business, finance, health, and looks. These are very important aspects to the 8. 

7 focuses on the spiritual side of life and business/finance is a wildcard in their life. 

This does not make one better than the other but when it comes to relationships, it can be a real sore spot for the 8 who is yearning to be ahead in life. Both have come into this lifetime with very different viewpoints and experiences.

However, they can be blended into the theme of the video above. Doing what you love, becoming a master at what you love, and allowing the money to appear in what you do.


  • Re-evaluate what you do in life
  • What is your focus in that job?
  • If you are not happy, research possibilities today (7 loves to research)
  • Job search online or through the newspaper
  • Search for alternative career choices online (if you're looking for something different)
  • Reassess your financial situation and what you can do to invest differently for further prosperity
  • Reassess your physical surroundings - eliminate (or put away) broken items or those things that do not make you smile. Bring out those things that make you feel good. (When you surround yourself with broken items, you focus on broken outcomes).
  • Reassess your health and diet (what you eat). Looking for something new or different? This is a good day to do some more research on it and discover new ways.

Become the detective to the above themes and discover better ways to moving forward!