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EXTREMES! Here Comes March, 2013!

We haven't had a month like this since...well...March of 2004. Where were you then? 

Oh Heavens! I remember what I was doing (but you won't hear about it here)!  

It's a month of EXTREMES! We have the double numbers coming every day of the month.

We not just going to have Leadership, we're going to have

We are not just going to cry about something; we're going 
to CRY!

That's Right! 

And when we 
wish to 
debate about 
that is a topic of our interest...that's right! 
We're going to DEBATE! 

Personally, I think doing the daily forecast is going to be a bit of a hoot. But my suggestion is to find the humor in all you do on a daily basis.

(Oh wait, that's amplified as well).

But don't you think that's a lot better?