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Focus! Begin Anew! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 1, 2013


February brings new vibrations in the world of Numerology as we begin recalculating the numbers.

Personally, I like the 1/9 combo as their traits touch on all the numbers between 1 and 9. They represent the beginning and the end.

Two days ago I asked you to look at what you wanted to write in your own personal story. Today, you can refine it and start living it. Take a step; take several steps, if you feel motivated. The easiest? Start speaking your new story as if it is already happening.

Stop telling your past as if it was yesterday. It happened, but change the wording. What's the positive that came out of it? Yes, there was a positive no matter how small you deem it to be (i.e. you experienced a love others could have only dreamed about, you taught your children so they would not have to experience it, you can empathize and help others who have been there, etc.)

What’s working for you? What has not been working for you in your life? Leave what’s not working behind. Stop dragging it on month after month after year. It’s not going to mutate into something better. What you see is what you have unless you want more. It is what it is. Let the 9 vibration take over and shed the past.

But what’s even better, you have the opportunity to begin something new (1), grabbing onto something  you really want. Focus, focus, focus on that instead.

Clean out drawers, closets, or a room of unwanted items
Give items to charity organizations today; don’t wait
Begin a new project
Donate time or money to a non-profit organization
Change your life goals to something that works with your needs and begin the process
Rewrite your life story with the positives you've learned
If you’re an artist, work on your talent – particularly self-help authors

You’re the boss of your life today – grab onto it and begin the change!

But I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Where do I start? I still have a few appointment times left for this weekend for discovering your talents, gifts, and the destiny you were designed to accomplish through your unique Numerical Blueprint. Check out the reading that would work best for you by Clicking Here!