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Kick It Into Action! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 24, 2013


Change is still in the air, but now it's centering more on relationships - family/friends/community. It's one of our last opportunities this month to implement those changes that work the best for you. If you're working with a family situation within the house, realize that everyone in that house may (or may not) have a plan as well. Time to share.

6 is very domestic and nurturing, offering caring and giving to those around them. This is the number of the parent. It's also the number of the designer - color is its theme.

5 needs its freedom and really doesn't enjoy the scheduling of the 6. Adventure is the name of the game. If 5 gets too bored with life, it's going to invent a bit of drama to kickstart everything back into action.That drama just might include you.


  • Have a family/friend day, but don't expect the "nice and quiet". Weather permitting, get out in the air and enjoy a sport or two
  • Going to the theatre? Pick an adventure film
  • Wanting to go on a trip? Start researching it today
  • Need to have a "family meeting"? Do it, but bring coffee, cake, or cookies. Watch your words
  • Get creative and don't cook the same ol' Sunday dinner - explore something new
  • Are you a designer or crafter? Invent a new look
  • Sewing? See "are you a designer" above
  • Pick out new colors/landscaping for the home for this spring

You don't have to accomplish it all today, but you do have to start. All the wonderful plans in the Universe will never take shape without action.