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Make A Decision! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 19, 2013


Closing the last chapter and beginning a new one! 

We have another opportunity to change our stories, move forward, or step forward with a plan. Remember, the only bad choice is not making choices at all. You'll eventually get to your goal if you keep moving and there's nothing more that the 1 enjoys than chasing their dreams - making them come true. 

1 is a leader and inventor. He's right out there wanting to invent your life - prodding you to move.

9 is the counselor that wants the best for you. "Is that what you really want? Would that make you happy? Are you being self-sacrificing or is it a good choice in the long run?" He's even going to bring forward wisdom from the past to help you decide your path.

  • Clean out another drawer or cabinet of unwanted items
  • Re-organize a cabinet. Did you know hundreds of dollars are wasted at the grocery stores because we don't know what all we have in our cabinets already?
  • Attend a meeting/gathering/social event that's enjoyable
  • Listen (not easy for the 1; easy for the 9)
  • Make a final decision on an area of your life that needs attention and either take the first step or make an appointment to take the first step
  • Writers of self-help/non-fiction books - it's a good day to write

We can always find the negative, procrastinating aspects of any divination art to keep us stuck where we are. But will that get you to where you're going? The 1 says, "Who's in charge today?"