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Stop! Refocus! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 11, 2013


What is the dream? What is the dream inside your head that you would rather be concentrating on?

Decide today that it is IT!  

11 is the master visionary or the master builder. You are the construction worker of your thoughts and story. What will you build? The canvas is blank - what will you paint?

1 is the leader, innovator, inventor, independent, energetic, and pushes through to their goals and dreams. 

The combination of the two is very powerful when you, as the writer, choose to take on the role of creator. 


  • Focus, focus, focus
  • Be mindful of your thoughts; what you focus upon, you are creating for yourself
  • Take action - take another step towards the goal you wish to accomplish (you choose the step)
  • Looking for another job or place to live? Search online or in the paper today - inquire of friends for information that can lead you in that direction
  • Move - just sitting will not take you forward
  • Speak to strangers - you never know what information they will impart and you may make a new friend

If you discover your thoughts wandering into the categories of negative or "I can't", stop, refocus, and begin again. Visualize what you want to become and take on the role in your thoughts. How does it "feel"? Play the role until it becomes reality!