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The Master Teacher & Communicator! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 22, 2013


Master teacher, intuitive, or business owner? How about all three? It's a possibility.

The master number 22 is the master teacher, and though 4 is typically not in the intuitive category, we do not reduce the 2s. Therefore, there is an amount of intuition that is strong within this day. Listening to your gut feelings is wise.

3 is the communicator, artist, journalist, sales, and the number of the child. It brings out our need to tell our stories, concerns, or interact with others. In this respect, it magnifies the speaking ability of the 22.


  • Teachers! Feel free to be creative.
  • Listen to your gut feelings with questions you have
  • Commune with the divine and write down the answers
  • Considering a workshop? Do it!
  • Study a topic that you've been wanting to delve in to, particularly if you can, in turn, teach others
  • Write a self-help article or book
  • Business owners - take extra time with your customers' questions
  • Get creative around your home - what needs to be changed or added?
  • Find alternative ways to advertise your business - particularly alternative medicine or divination businesses
  • Be prepared to be the student as well

Though these two numbers are challenges to each other, grabbing onto the positives of each number brings out a well rounded time of all possibilities!