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This has GOT to change! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 5, 2013


We're looking at our surroundings and attempting to make changes that will more suit our purposes. And those things that are highlighted are home, business, and education. Today, consider options but wait a few days to carry them out.

Don't be surprised if you spend a little more time than necessary over-analyzing the decisions you make. Not to worry - if you don't come to some concrete decisions, you'll be going through the same vibration on the 14th and can reassess them at that time.

Procrastination is not a trait of the number 5. In fact, it tends to jump in with both feet sooner that necessary. But the 4 will even it out with it's methodical practices and again, wait a few days when the 6 is more predominant to carry out the final decision. You will see more clearly under the 6 vibration.


  • Make a list of home repairs that need to be addressed
  • Begin looking for a new place to live (if appropriate)
  • Engage with your customers more through conversation
  • If you're an author, use this time to edit
  • If you are self-employed, consider a new opportunity being offered
  • Consider new ways of doing work at  your present job
  • Consider changing schools or your major
  • Do not make final decisions on important situations until Thursday

It's all about change in your environment. What would you like to change? Take advantage of the vibration and begin making your list!