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Trust Your Gut Feelings! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 20, 2013


Compromise. We don't always like the sound of that word, even though it can be a positive.

We feel that compromise means that WE give in, but that is not the true definition.

2 is not only about love, intuition, peacefulness and harmony, but it is also the negotiator. Though a follower by nature, it has the hard hitting 4/1 combo to back it up. The 2, on the other hand, will bring understanding and the ability to consider emotions in the conversations.

1 is the leader, the innovator, independence, and combined with the 4 attitude, it's taking no prisoners. The 2 will be there to temper emotions.


  • Have an important conversation that needs to be addressed (this doesn't mean everything goes your way, but you'll have the ability to negotiate)
  • Pursue a goal "that you love
  • Give an unexpected gift
  • Do something for yourself (spoil yourself a bit)
  • Create a Sacred Space, if you don't already have one
  • Revamp your Sacred Space - take out everything that isn't a positive
  • Commune with the Divine - intuition is high
  • Trust your gut feelings

It's a balance of the leader and follower; the hard hitter and the one that understands emotions. Weave it into a joyful day, even if it's only for one.