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We Don't Always Get It - Your #Numerology Vibrations for February 16, 2013


Luckily for us, the Universe doesn't always give us what we THINK we want immediately. Can you imagine? 

A few days ago, I posted a wonderful video of a baby elephant playing in the waves of India. Everyone wanted a baby elephant after viewing the video. Can you imagine if our thoughts created reality immediately? There would be thousands of baby elephants in peoples' living rooms today and the zoos would suddenly be overwhelmed as people realized they could not keep an elephant.

It's the same with divination and numbers. We just experienced two days of 5s where we are like Kids In A Candy Store. Very little clarity centers on the number 5 but it can boost us forward in the days following it. So how are the decisions you made over the past two days looking today? That's your assignment under the 7/6. 

7 is not only the Spiritual Seeker, but it's the researcher - the observer. It's going to dig into the situation and decide the highest and best route.

6 is about family/community, nurturing (that includes yourself), color, and design.


  • What decisions did you make over the past two days that may need to be reconsidered? (We can change our minds - remember the baby elephant)
  • If you made a major decision, do you need to research it more?
  • Start a "family" project! Research your family tree
  • Listen more; speak less
  • Spend time in nature (weather permitting) or bring something of nature in to you
  • Turn on that table top fountain that you have stored away
  • Commune with the Divine
  • If you were choosing colors for your home over the past week, do you still want them? Rediscover colors that make you feel good.
  • Do something quiet for yourself during the day (doesn't have to be all day)
  • Read and/or study (the 7 likes that). Choose a topic that centers on spirituality, healthy alternatives, alternative medicine, survival, non-fiction, domestic pursuits (around the home), and/or color.

February, 2013 is a month of challenges, but there is always something positive in each number that can be utilized and blended together.


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