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Why, Why, Why - Your Numerology Vibrations for February 8, 2013


Why, why, why....Why can't I get a job? Why do I have the boss I have? Why am I going through this? Why was I put on this planet to work this job?

7 is not only a spiritual seeker, he's a researcher - a true detective. And he wants to know ALL the most important answers regarding spirituality - and everything else. 

8 wants to focus on money and how much they have. They also like taking that money and beautifying their surroundings with the finer things of life. Looking good is high on their personal agenda.


  • Research for a new job (if you're not happy with the one you now have)
  • Research a new career
  • Look for new options for financial investments
  • Search for a better interest rate
  • Brainstorm health concerns you may have
  • DIY home repairs (does that bathtub need a new refinish?)
  • Window shop for new decorations (Waterford, anyone?)
  • Consider that God lives within you - you are responsible for your finances, health, and surroundings. If you write your own story, how can you change it?

The 8 and 7 are actually challenges to each other because one is materialistic and one is spiritual. They come into this world with an entirely different focus. But each has positives that when blended together, can provide for a productive lifestyle!