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Confrontation? Your Numerology Vibrations for March 19, 2013


We have two more opportunities this month to grasp onto the feelings of independence and really push through on goals and projects we wish to create. 

However, if you're aiming towards loving interactions and times of togetherness, you'll have to wait for another day. This one is all about you.

Double 1s - headstrong, goal-oriented, authoritarian, isolated, independence, aggressive, feeling at times as if we are not good enough. If you have double 1s in your Numerical Blueprint, you'll feel every bit of it, but we choose how we respond.


  • Continue the project you've started this month - particularly if you're on a time frame
  • Start a fun new project that you've put off thus far
  • Do not take it personal if others are delving into their own projects or don't have a lot to say
  • Think before speaking
  • Walk away from confrontation
  • Give yourself some moments of R&R if you're pushing yourself
  • Give yourself some moments of calmness if you're feeling "not good enough"
  • Study a topic you're interested in
  • Be inventive! (The 1 likes that)
  • FOCUS on something you wish to manifest

Walk away from confrontation. With double 1s today, we're all feeling like saying something we might not want to say otherwise. Wait until tomorrow and see if you'd still like to share that particular thought.