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Contribution or Self-Sacrifice? Your Numerology Vibrations for March 6, 2013


Domestic contribution or self-sacrifice? Which will you choose? 

Double 6s - very domestic, colorful/designer, landscaping, parental, nurturing, self-sacrificing, self-doubt


  • Bring color into your life! What is dingy and/or dull around your home that can be changed or changed out? Bring out the colorful items and eliminate or put away the dingy
  • Purchase a bouquet of flowers for yourself or for the family
  • Reassess choices that you gave up because everyone else thought you should. Was it the right thing to do and can you still implement them into your life?
  • Cook/Bake
  • Create a new recipe
  • Paint
  • Sew
  • Redesign  your surroundings
  • Are you a designer? Hone your talent and skill
  • Start your vegetable garden inside
  • Invite someone over for coffee/tea
  • Make it a family night (even with friends or one other person)

There can be a fine line between placing our goals on a short hold for the sake of others and self-sacrificing. To give up everything you want for the sake of others rarely brings it to you in the long run, and rarely does a person receive a thank you for this sacrifice. We all compromise and realize the necessity of it, but I've never heard a person jubilant over their ability to sacrifice all their needs and goals.