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"Git 'Er Done!" Your Numerology Vibrations for March 4, 2013


Whether you work in or outside the home, it's truly a WORK day. 

And with the double 4s, we just might have a real idea of how it should be performed!

Double 4s - Needing to learn/teach, stability in relationships/business, wanting security, able to focus, making mountains out of molehills, hard-headed, bossy, argumentative.


  • Avoid arguments; it's only one day
  • Understand that we all have our strengths and allow others to perform theirs
  • FOCUS on your home/business projects; analysis runs high today
  • Apply for a new job
  • Work on a home-based business (or your own business). Analyze how you can increase sales and begin implementing it. If you're stuck, begin reading publications today on what others suggest
  • If you work for someone else, consider how you can perform your job better and suggest new changes. Realize that your supervisor may have thoughts of their own as well, so present it in a professional manner
  • Organize
  • Write
  • Avoid analyzing past relationships - our minds can race today
  • Learn something you've always wanted to learn
  • DIY projects on your home; repair a few items
  • Contact a Realtor to put a home up for sale; go house searching
  • Begin putting a house in order to sell

Home, business, and education. It's all wrapped up in this one today. Just be careful how far you wish to push others to accomplish your goals.