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I Have Got To Fix The Number "____"

When I teach my Beginning Numerology class, there comes that week where we become enlightened for a very short period of time and then burst into hysterical laughter. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Let me explain.

There will always be one number that we draw to ourselves repeatedly in the relationships we encounter. And it's a different number for everyone

Mine is the Number 9. Today being a 9 day, it reminds me of this fact. I won't run from the day, but I am very wary of individuals where this is prominent. And not because of them, but because of me. 

In class, we have an exercise whereby we begin creating the Numerical Blueprints of all our past relationships. That's right! All those that 

  • got away
  • ran away from
  • gave away

And then...we create the Numerical Blueprint of the parent/guardian/relative that we got along with the least. What's their Life Path number? Hmmm....Nine times out of the ten, we'll see that number predominant in the relationships that did not last

Subconsciously, we gravitate to that number over and over as we try to fix that past relationship in the personal relationships we have with others. In the end, we will ultimately "fix" the past, OR we'll admit defeat and run like the Dickens!