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My Way or the Highway! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 1, 2013


March - we haven't seen these vibrations since March, 2004. Here we go again.

Remember the movie, "Patton"?

How about the phrase, "It's my way or the Highway!!" Uh-huh. That's today.

Though the 1 is known for it's ability to have leadership and independence, we're pushing it to the hilt. And with the 4 attitude number in the mix of 1s, we may appear a bit argumentative with our approach.

Double 1s - headstrong, authoritarian, isolated, independence, aggressive, feeling at times as if we are not good enough. If you have double 1s in your Numerical Blueprint, you'll feel every bit of it, but we choose how we respond.


  • Work on individual projects that don't take others to accomplish
  • Do not take it personal if others are delving into their own projects or don't have a lot to say
  • Think before speaking
  • Walk away from confrontation - you'll discuss it Sunday
  • Give yourself some moments of R&R if you're pushing yourself
  • Give yourself some moments of calmness if you're feeling "not good enough"
  • Study a topic you're interested in
  • Discover new ways to perform household tasks
  • Be inventive! (The 1 likes that)
  • FOCUS on something you wish to manifest
  • Know that it's only for one day

Perhaps you'll take this day with stride and ease (depending on the numbers in your Numerical Blueprint), but for some of us with double 1s in our blueprint, we just might bite off more than we can chew...and then let you know about it.