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Plant Something Indoors! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 25, 2013

The double 7s are back one last time this month. And we're once again contemplating - EVERYTHING. It's an inward vibration that questions our belief systems, our destinies, and where are we going?

Why am I here?
What is my purpose in life?
Do I need to be here for this? 

Double 7s - Spiritual Seeker, research, observation, analysis, loner, isolation, cynical, temper. Most of us are tired of feeling "alone" on a planet of 7 billion people. But you can turn it into a day just for you in order to accomplish a host of different things. 

  • Go to the library, book store, or online
  • Start a blog or personal file to save the information you're most interested in
  • Organize all the "stuff" on your computer
  • Plant something indoors - bring the nature in if you can't get outside (See video below)
  • Contemplate your belief systems. Are they working for you? What is out there that you'd relate to more?
  • Genealogy - A real 7 hobby. Work on or start your family tree
  • If stressed, walk in nature (that's how 7s calm down)
  • Bring something from nature into your home
  • Commune with the Divine
  • Meditate

It's more of a quiet day with our brains asking "Why?" If you feel you are not getting answers, let it go. The answers will appear later. 

The 7 can drive themselves crazy seeking the answers they desire. Instead, walk in Nature. Find a bit of magic. Be.